Standard Price

$1.25 per Item

$0.35 per listing (Optional)

Amazon FBA Prep Process

This service allows us to handle the receicing and the shipping of FBA items you want to sell on amazon. It is perfect for companies that are trying to scale up, but do not want the hassle of managing a warehouse...or just want to focus on sourcing and the business side!

Sign Up

First stop is filling out this form. The form gives us general information about you and what type of service you want to be set up with or want more information for. Once this is done we can then email you back accordingly answering your question or setting up your account. We typically email back within 24 hours. (You only need to submit the form once and we will get back to you.) After signing up on the form within 24 hours we will send you a personalized spreadsheet. This is how we track everything going in and out of the prep center. Only you and Little Owl will have access to it unless you share it with other parties. The Basic information we need is the UPC/ISBN/ASIN and the Product/Title Description of the item, but we give plenty of space for optional data!

Send Us Your Inventory

After you are on-boarded with Little Owl you are ready to go and are free to send us your inventory! The only requirement is to put your name on your packages and notify us before Pallets arrive at our facility (If you are sending pallets)! You can send your inventory to our address:

(Your Name)

3323 Stanley ave.

Dayton, OH 45404


Once your packages arrive at Little Owl, our team begins to inspect the shipment. We look for any damaged boxes, wrong items, incorrect number of units, and noticably damaged items. This process can take up between 24-48 hours.

Storing Your Inventory/Autoship

Once we receive/inspect your units your items going into temporary storage until you hit your AutoShip. AutoShip is a software that allows the client to control how many units we send in a batch. It can be changed by the client anytime and alerts up when it is time for your shipment. Even when Little Owl handles the shipping, the client will always have control over what and how many items go out.

Listing/Shipping To FBA

Once we received enough items (We try our best to lower your shipping costs via AutoShip) the shipment process begins. If you signed up for our listing service, we list your items on your seller central account then begin the shipping process. We complete the shipping plan, attach the FNSKUs to each item (If applicable), complete the box content for each box, and finally box up all the items to send to FBA.

Highlights Of Our FBA Service

Shipping Material Included

We strive for simplistic pricing when it comes to Amazon FBA. All shipping materials are included in our standard price. This includes any dunnage, poly bags, FNSKU stickers etc. This includes no box fee.

24-48 hour Ship Time

Once a shipping request (or AutoShip is triggered.) we begin to work on your Amazon FBA Shipment. Little Owl has been doing FBA shipments for a while and our speed is always welcomed.

Inventory Management

We track everything from coming into our warehouse to shipping it to Amazon FBA. We provide accurate counts of all invnetory at any time. We also provide any damage reports on units or anomolies.

No Outside Software Required

You don't have to spend money on any software you do not want. No Subscritpions to outside companies or products, we can handle everything in house making it really simple for our clients.

Return Processing

Little Owl Prep can process a return for any item that is unwanted or damaged. We only require an address to send it to or a shipping label. Return Fee is $0.75 per item. (this replaces the $1.25 standard fee.) We try to use recycled boxes for returns, if we cannot then a box fee will be charged.

Redundancy Checks

Our shippers also act as the final checkers of your FBA product. If the reciever misses any details the shipper is sure to catch it and alert the client.


Amazon FBA Prep

Your Partner in all things FBA

Let Little Owl take the logistics work off your shoulders, that way you have more time to build your ecommerce business.

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