How do we keep track of data?
We will use a shared spreadsheet. Once an item is delivered to our location we will note when it is received in the spreadsheet with any other relevant details. This includes any inspection notes, grades, and any problems with the item.
How does per item pricing work?
Once your auto trigger is set, we will calculate the price based on the number items actually shipped. Example 1: 10 FBA books in one shipment at $1.50 per book would be $15.00. Example 2: 10 FBA New Items in one shipment at $1.25 per item would be $12.50.
How do you pay?
We typically invoice via PayPal after a shipment is completed. You can either pay with PayPal or any major credit card.
Are packing supplies included for FBA books/items?
Yes all shipping supplies, including boxes ,are included in all prices. You do not have to pay for any additional shipping materials through our FBA services.
What is a problem item/book?
A problem item/book is something you cannot send/sell on an e-commerce website. An example of this is the following, wrong item or edition of a book, a damaged item, Teacher edition instead of a student edition, etc. These are usually marked in red In your spreadsheet so you can initiate the proper return to get a replacement or a refund.
Is there a time limit on problem items/books?
Yes, all problem items/books must be addressed within 30-days of the discovered problem. If they are not, the items will be disposed.
Do you handle returns?
Yes, we can return any item you want. Just give us a shipping label or address of where you want to ship it and we will take care of the rest! Our Return fee of: $0.75 replaces the higher fee of the item.
Why do we charge for returns?
We only do it to cover the cost of labor. We intentionally do not turn a profit off of returns only cover the cost of business. We prefer to grow your business by actually shipping to FBA or your own clients rather than off a return fee.
Where are you located?
We are located in Dayton, OH. Where flight was invented.
What items do you prep?
We can now prep any items excluding Food and Hazmat.
Do you have a facebook group?
Yes we do. We also answer questions in our Facebook Group that we are trying to build:
What is auto ship?
Autoship is a software we use that allows clients have complete control when we send items to FBA. In the intro email, it will give you instructions on how to change it. This lets client sets a number of minimum items we need to receive before doing a shipment and it can be changed anytime.
Do you work with other listing softwares?
Yes! We have loads of experience working with Inventory Lab, Accelerlist and Scan Lister. We can use any software that you prefer to list with.
Am I required to buy software?
No, you do not need any outside software to use our services. We designed our prep service not to rely on outside tools and we strive to build everything the client needs inside our ecosystem.
Can I call you?
Sure, we only take calls by appointment because we only have one person answering the phone.
Why do you not have a number listed on your website?
We do not have anyone here dedicated to answering the phones. We pour all of our money into making our services faster, more efficient and better for our clients. As such, we thought someone manning the phones as their only job to be a waste of time.
How long does it take to complete an FBA Shipment?
We typically take between 24-48 hours to list (optional service) and ship your items to your FBA account. This all depend on the list of shipments we have for that day. (Excluding Sundays, we are closed on Sundays.)
Do you have a sign up fee?
No, currently we do not have a sign up fee.
When signing up do we have to sign a contract?
No, you do not have any obligations to use us. You can use us for one month then take a six month break and come back. You are free to come and go as you please.
How long does it take to fulfill an order?
We take a maximum of 24 hours to fulfill an order. Once we get a notification that your item has sold the clock starts for our team. Fulfillment times are our biggest priority.
If I purchase a prepayment, can I get a refund?
Yes, of course! We would refund you on whatever was not fulfilled minus any Shipping costs to send them back to you. For Example: If you get our 250 Prepayment, and we only ship 100 of your items. We would refund you for the 150 we still have left to ship, minus any shipping costs incurred.
How do you handle counterfeit books?
All Receivers are trained to spot counterfeit books. If we do spot a counterfeit book we would highlight the spreadsheet line red and include the tracking number that the book came from. That way you can return it or get a refund.
Can you explain the shipping cost portion of the fulfillment fee?
Yes, our Fulfillment fee is $2.00 Per item + Shipping Cost + Box Cost. The Shipping cost portion is only applied if we have to purchase a shipping label in house. We only bill you for the cost of the shipping. We try to lay out this price to make sure the client knows exactly what they are paying for.
Can you explain the box cost portion of the fulfillment fee?
Yes, our Fulfillment fee is $2.00 Per item + Shipping Cost + Box Cost. The Box cost is if a client wants us to fulfill the item in a new box. The cost of the box will then be applied to the fulfillment. We have many different sizes of boxes, each box costs a little different. If you email us the exact dimensions of your product we can tell you how much the box cost will be. That way it is not a guessing game.
What is a refurbished box?
A refurbished box is a box that has been used already to ship a different product, but it is in good enough shape to ship again. We use these types of boxes primarily for returns and fulfillment (if the client wants to save a little money.) These boxes are generally free and will not cost the client anything if we ship something inside of it.
Do you accept Trade-ins for books?
Yes, we do. We consider it a Fulfillment and price it the same. Pro-tip if you using us: Always make sure we receive the book before you request the trade-in from the buy back company. That way we can fulfill it properly.
What if a shipping label expires on a trade-in?
We would only send expired shipping labels if the client asks us. We generally think that is a bad idea, because you may lose the value of the trade-in.  In case of Expired Label, we always recommend you get a new one.
Do you list items on Ebay or other marketplaces?
At this time we do not list items on anything except for Amazon. We are working on changing this.
Do I get charged storage fees for FBA items?
Not usually, only under one of these 3 conditions would we charge storage fees to FBA items 1. FBA Clients that do not give us User Permissions when requested, or do not have the right user permissions before we do a shipment or those who give us nothing at all. 2. FBA Clients that Hold Acceptable Items, but do not do anything with them will be charged storage after 30-days. 3. FBA Clients that request we hold items longer than 30-days. *This is not the case for problem items/books. We will throw any problem items away after 30-days.
Do fulfillment items incur storage fees?
Yes, we give 14-days free storage, after that we do charge $0.55 per cubic foot.
When is storage charged?
Typically at the end of the month.
Do you do OA/RA?
Yes, all day everyday.
Can we drop off items to you locally?
Sure, we only ask you let us know when you’re coming. There is no charged for dropping off locally.
What if an Item goes missing at your warehouse?
This does happen from time to time and if it is our fault we will ask for a receipt and cover the cost of the item for you.
How long does it take you to receive my items?
We strive for a 24 hour turnaround when it comes to receiving, but depending on the month and season we take up to 48 hours (Usually, during Q1 and Q4 our busiest times.)
Do you have any minimums?
No. You can send in as many items as you want we do not have a minimum. We could even ship just one item for you, but we wouldn’t recommend that (Shipping cost would eat your profit up.)
I am a new seller can I join you?
Yes, we take sellers/e-commerce stores at any size.
Why are there two different prices for The Bulk Book Program?
One is a per hour sorting rate, the other is a per item fee to ship.
What do you charged to sort a gaylord?
How long does it take you to fully sort a gaylord?
Depending on who is doing it between 1-6 hours.
Do you get rid of the duds?
Yes, we get rid of the duds at not cost to you.
How do you keep track of the data?
We give you a special sheet. We will record the ISBN, Title, what profit it gets, and sales rank.
Am I able to reject books I don’t want?
Yes, This is apart of our final process. You will look at the list and anything you don’t want to send we will toss.
Why do I have to contact you directly to inquire about this service?
This is a specialty service we offer and due to space constraint we can only take one client at a time. Eventually, when we get a bigger space this constriction should be lifted.
Can you Merchant Fulfill the gaylord findings?
Yes, Fulfillment rates will apply.
Do I qualify for a bulk discount?
Yes, for gaylord clients we generally give an automatic 5% discount when you sign up. Then we look at how many books we are sending to FBA/Fulfilling for you. Additional discounts will apply if numbers are high enough.