Standard Price

$1.50 per book + $0.35 Per Listing (Listing Optional)

$15.00 Per Hour Gaylord Sorting

The Gaylord Bulk Book Program Process

This service allows the client to purchase gaylords and send them to Little Owl. Litle Owl will then sort the gaylord based on the client's specifications and pick out all the value. We would then prep and ship it to Amazon FBA or Fulfill it on other channels.

Email Us

This service is a little different from the rest. We do require you email us first before you begin the process. Currently, we can only accept a couple clients at a time with this service because of the space and the labor required. Emailing us is the first step to setting everything up and it allows us to make sure we can assist you as quick as possible with your gaylords.

Send Us Your Gaylords

After we confirm everything with you, you may send your gaylords to our address:

(Your Name)

3323 Stanley ave.

Dayton, OH 45404

Sorting You Inventory

Once we recieve your gaylords, we will begin by scanning the gaylords with ScoutIQ. Little Owl will keep a record of any profitable book/item pulled from the gaylord along with the sales rank of that book or item.

Wait For Approval

Once we completed sorting the gaylord the client has the final say on what books/items they want to sell/keep or trash. This can depend on sales rank or the preference of the client. Either way, the client has the final say on what they want to keep.

Doing The Logistics

After the client approves the list we can either prep it to ship to their Amazon FBA accout or we can prep and fulfill it to another channel. Pricing on this can be different, but it is usually agreed upon when setting everything up.

Highlights Of Our Bulk Book Program

No Warehouse Space

While we work on your gaylords we do not charge you storage of your gaylords. You don't need to rent any warehouse space.

No Work For You

You do not have to touch a single Gaylord. We do the work for you. The only work you need to worry about is approving what you want to keep and what you want to trash.

Comprehensive Spreadsheet

We provide data on every single profitable item that we pick from the gaylord along with the sales rank and condition of the book.

No Software Required

You do not need to purchase any software for this service. We use ScoutIQ for sorting the profitable books out of the gaylord and we will gladly eat that cost.

Free Dud Disposal

Gaylords come with many duds. With any non-profitable books we come across we will dispose of them for free, just for using our service.

Logistical Support

At the end of the sorting process we can do anything the client wants wheither it is sending it to their Amazon FBA account or fulfilling it on another network, Little Owl has your back.


The Bulk Book Program

Your partner in all things bulk

This is one of the few services that allows resellers who do not want to pay for a big operation to experiece bulk purchasing of gaylords for resell. Let our team do the work while you focus on growing your business.

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