Our Pricing

This page is dedicated to all of the prices for our serivces. Take a look around and see a snapshot of all of our prices and services.

Highlights Of Joining Little Owl

Email within 24-48 hours

We strive to answer all emails within 24 hours, but depending on the time of the year we push it to 48 hours. Communication is key and we strive to make sure you know exactly what is going on with your inventory.

Knowledgable Staff

From grading books to prepping different items our team has years of experience in the field.

Inventory Management

We track everything from coming into our warehouse to shipping it to your clients. We provide accurate counts of all invnetory at any time.

Constant Improvment

Little Owl is always striving to be better. Better software, faster times. We believe all systems can be improved and we strive to make that happen.

Open and Honest

Transparency is one of our biggest priorities. We want you to know where your inventory is at all times and what we are doing. Check out our Instagram to see our office and set up, we are not shy!

Growth Partners

This company was founded on the idea of helping businesses grow and we still believe that. The best job we can think of is having a client out grow us into something bigger!


Amazon FBA Prep Service

$1.25 per item ($0.35 Listing Fee Optional.)

This service is for all items (except for Food and Books). Per item amount includes all shipping materials, including the box. It also includes inpsection, processing and shipment of your items.

Learn More about Amazon FBA Prep Services

Amazon FBA Book Prep Service

$1.50 per item ($0.35 Listing Fee Optional.)

This service is our book prep service. The price includes all shipping materials (including box) as well as inspection, grading, processing and shipment of your books.

Learn More about Amazon FBA Book prep service

Fulfillment By Owl Services

$2.00 per item + Shipping Cost + Box Cost

The price includes pick, pack and prep. We can used recycled boxes (while supplys last) to fulflill orders, this will waive the box fee. Storage for items starts at $0.55 per cubic foot, billed monthly.

Learn More about Fulfillment by Owl

Storage Solutions

$0.55 per cubic foot

We offer storage year-round for all clients. Storage rate does not change during the year.

Learn More about storage solutions

Wholesale and Private Label Services

Starting at $1.25 per unit

One of our bulk programs. This allows a client to purchase many units of a couple SKU and save on the per unit cost. The Per unit cost includes inspection, processing, all shipping materials and boxes.

Learn about Our Bulk Book Program

Bulk Book Program

Starting at $1.50 per book + $0.35 Per Listing (Listing Optional) $15.00 Per Hour Gaylord Sorting

This service allows the client to purchase gaylords and send them to Little Owl. Litle Owl will then sort the gaylord based on the client's specifications and pick out all the value. We would then prep and ship it to Amazon FBA or Fulfill it on other channels.

Learn about wholesale/Private Label Services