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Storage Solutions

If you have items sitting at amazon or at your own house, reduce the clutter and send them to us. We offer the same flat rate year round to help your storage needs.

FBA Prep

We know Amazon standards like the back of our hands. We can prep and Ship any number of items, no matter the category (Excluding Food).


Wholesale/Private Label we do them all! We offer special deals on bulk orders and fast turnaround rates for our clients. We can even work with you on custom orders.

Fulfillment Services

When orders come in we process and send it out within 24 hours! We can do Amazon, Ebay, shopify, your personal website fulfillment and just about everything in between!

Book Prep

Our bread and butter, We were founded as a simple book prep service and still offer one of the best book prep services around. With our prep and grading you cannot go wrong.

Bulk Book Program

We help those without warehouses process gaylords of unscanned books and send them to FBA or Merchant Fulill them. You give us what you want us to look for and we do the rest!


Amazon Partner

Your Partner in all things Amazon.

We spent years prefecting our techniques, strategy, and process to be able to affordibly ship all items to Amazon. Take advantage of our years of shipping experience.

FBA Prep

Best in Class E-Commerce

Leave the boxes and fulfillment to us, we got your back.

Small to medium size businesses are setting up their shops online at a staggering rate. At Little Owl, we can give your shop the competive edge in Fulfillment.

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